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Hunger relief organizations like Feed My Starving Children have been stretched to meet growing needs with less resources than ever.

OVCN, with Tucson's help, has packed millions of meals for FMSC before - and we have the opportunity this year to make an even greater impact.

You are invited to a historic online event to help feed starving children on Saturday, March 6!

Come on a virtual mission trip to Haiti (no passport needed!) and see firsthand not only the challenges that millions of families face today, but also the huge, life-changing impact that FMSC is having, in great part due to Tucson’s support. The event will be live-streamed at 7pm on Saturday, March 6th.


We hope to pull together businesses, schools, churches and other organizations in the coming days across Tucson and southern Arizona to help make this event as successful as possible.  

We would love to help Tucson raise enough funds for FMSC to provide another million meals to Haiti, the Philippines and other most needed parts of the world in 2021!  

You can help us before the event in two ways...

Your time can really help make the March 6th virtual missions trip a success and the best part is - you can do it from the comfort of your home!
Your early donation can not only help us meet our goal, but you can also learn fundraising idea and get others involved with you!  
$88 feeds a child for a year (365 meals) and $10,000 will help us feed a village (about 41,000 meals)!

David hillis

Evangelism and Outreach Pastor

Shelby Mittlestadt

Missions Admin